Monday, 7 April 2014

Sd.ah.116 trailer

Good day once again.

After some extensive work on this "shelf queen" I can call this piece done. The sd.ah.116 trailer is a Tamiya item that has a lot of detail , with a load of extras such as chains ,come alongs , ramps , chocks and other assorted goodies for hauling your piece to the front line or towing it back to the shop for maintenance. It has possible steering , working platform , articulating bogies, and a multitude of options for situating it in a diorama.

I chose to have this carrying the sturm panzer Sd.Kfz. 166 behind the Famo. Heavily  weathered, dusty, dirty ,  grease , rust and oxidation on the panzer grey paintwork and wood surfaces was carried out during  many hours of many painting sessions.

 Extensive use of acrylics , oils and pigments were utilized.

 Famo spade and ramps. All end markers were masked and painted.
Scratch build refinement such as the tarp frame { well the hell did Franz put the tarp ? }. All lights wired{ non working }

Front end dropped to show articulation .

 The two monsters together.

 Load out for the front. Attachment of Sd Kfz 166 and group of riders next in line for this build.

Hope you like it , and feel free to leave some feedback.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sd. kfz. 166 sturmpanzer

Dragon kit completed , more or less fell together. A limited amount of extra detail or  photo etch used. Really enjoyed this build and since I wanted to depict a used but not beaten AFV, some chipped zimmerite was added by scraping away the molded on detail. Just enough of the dirty and dusty to add to my Famo and sd.ah.116 trailer. Have a look and feel free to comment.

Next on the agenda is the final touches of the  sd.ah.116 trailer, and to combine the two together. Stay tuned.