Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Dark Side

Good day everyone

Time for an update , been awhile, hope you haven't missed my exploits. Needed a break from some extensive dio's I've been working on and off , needed a change so why not venture to the 'Dark Side".
I had some kits in my stash that have been collecting dust for an extensive amount of time , most with a collections of aftermarket goodies . Why call it the "Dark Side " ? , well I haven't dived into any green for awhile , most Allied modellers state that German AFV's are the Dark Side , well for me it's the opposite. Had to pull out my resources and do some Googeling and off to do some building. Here is a quick snapshot of what I've been building since St. Nick came by . Specific build posts will come shortly , once final additions are finalized.

 Tamiya IS 3 { JS 3 }, Modelkasten Tracks , ET Model Photo etch , Scratch built tow cables , RB Barrel .

 Dragon { old } T34/85 . Lion Roar Photo etch . Aber Barrel . Jaguar wheels and fuel tanks, Scratch built tow cables.

 Tamiya T26E3, Dragon T80 single pin tracks, Verlinden update set { minor used } Dragon fender storage bins, Verlinden gear and scratch built items. Still waiting for a RB barrel.

As you see , I've been busy building between "binge watching" Sons of Anarchy and  The Americans. Stay tuned for more shortly. Cheers.