Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Roadside Assistance

This is an older piece finished in 2001. Tamiya Famo , Tamiya older 251 { circa 1970's) Aber Photo etch set , Edward Photo etch set . Extensive rework on 251 , WW2 production tracks , rework rocket racks and articulated suspension. Verlinden figures and extras, Warrior figures. Scratch build groundwork , bridge and water. This was a big piece to present and store therefor no longer in collection.

The Tamiya Famo was a joy to work on and I added the aber set. Paint job a little harsh due to chalky pigments, was trying for a very dusty look.

Bego Kubelwagen was used, added a scratch built tilt made of duro.

Bridge section was all scratch built using a wood form ,Styrofoam,balsa, and styrene brick sheets.

The water elements took about 20 coats of scenic water elements to achieve the desired look.


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