Friday, 22 February 2013

Massive Mistake

Massive mistake ? yep that's the Jadgtiger , this will be the third build of this monster over the years. Tamiya kit circa 2008 ,I kind of like the Dragon kit better in many regards.The only advantage is the poly caps for all the road wheels and sprockets. Some pieces look too similar to their old king tiger kits , but the shortcoming was the armour welds and the multi piece road wheels.This kit was acquired on black Friday for a deal and the build was very easy , added some photo etch from my arsenal. WWII { anvil } tracks were added from my stash and a loin roar turned metal gun { correct length }.
First off was to fill the deep void between the from and side amour on the top plate, this was achieved by using strip styrene, softened and scribed with a dental tool for a simulated weld.
I blue tacked the original cables and tool holders on and gave it a fast spray of black to show the placement of all the holders, this saved an amount of time to measure and placement of the photo etch pieces. The armour extension holders were made of sheet styrene, where as the kit one were shaved off.

I used Archer resin weld beads to add some detail to the armour.
Then added some surface detail from beating it up and putting on surface primer and Mr Sufacer 500.

Basic paint laid down , mostly Tamiya and Vallejo. Decaled and sealed with some gloss coat ready for a multitude of hours of detail painting and weathering.
More updates to come , feel free to comment.

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