Sunday, 16 March 2014


Good day

Well on to the next project.
 This one has been on the "shelf queen " list for some time. Problem with  large projects involving many vehicles all together is to not get burnt out on details. Tamiya's Famo is one of my favorite kits of all time. This is the second time I've built this beauty. Fit is outstanding and only a small amount of detail needs to be added. I used the Aber set to get some refinement. The added bonus of the Tech Star tarps add some weathering possibilities. Added features: converted Dragon and Warrior figures , Custom Dioramics and Praying Mantis critters, Dragon, Plus Models, and Tamiya extras such as the spade. Scratch built spade pulley and reworked rear end.

Extensive paint experimentation was utilised on this massive half track. I put down layers and layers of Vallejo paints similar to painting figures. This was done over a base of Tamiya acrylic. I wanted to portray a heavily used vehicle where the paint was bleached and ravaged by the elements.

Crew mascot ,resident garbage disposal  ,or fresh goat milk ?

 Part one of a three part build, Famo trailer and Sd. Kfz. 166 on the go at the present time. Stay tuned for more updates.

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