Monday, 15 February 2016

The Bergepanther : Paint

Well after a marathon of painting over the last 6 weeks , I can call this cat done. At least till it's on a base with some figures. Following is a extensive photo gallery of paint in all it's progression.
All technique's old and new were utilized on the "Berge". From post shading , hairspray technique, acrylics , oils , washes , scratching, scrubbing, splatter , enamels , pastels , pigments, dry brushing and oil rendering. I won't bore you with an extensive article on painting , just the pics in progression, enjoy.




  1. Great wip and excellent paint work!!!!!


    1. Awesome work my friend. Just my thought, it would have appeared even more superb using not 100% flat/dull paints, but something on the satin side. I think that paint becomes lightly satin with the use/scrub/touching... great job though, be proud of it.

  2. Schade, dass die Einzelbilder nicht mit Untertiteln beschriftet sind- vom Bemalungsstil bin ich besgeistert!