Monday, 13 January 2014

Sd Kfz 182 Pz. Bef. Wg Tiger Ausf. B: Heinz and his Crew

Welcome to another chapter in this series .

This time we give you an update of the figures for our command King Tiger prior to the BOB. Commanded by the controversial figure  SS-Obersturmbannführer Heinz von Westernhagen , commander of 007 .

History eluded me on this  man so some research was in order. I had to look extensively in my spares in order to find the appropriate face and figure to capture his body and facial structure ,  behold I found a perfect candidate from Alpine and converted him somewhat.

All other figures were converted to some degree. I used Miniart, Warriors, and Alpine figures. I wanted some interaction between the driver and radio operator and the loader converted to hold a Bronco umbrella for the pending drizzle. It takes considerable time to find, construct and paint the appropriate figures with a mix and match of uniforms such as U-boat leathers ,and panzer tunics. All figures were panted in Vallejo and Model master enamels. Oils were used on all skin tones. Archer transfers were used for all the rank and emblems. Photo etch details were used from Alliance and Dragon. More details such as binoculars , map cases and headphones, will be added latter.

Hope you enjoyed this update. More to come such as the base and groundwork and tying it all together.

Happy New Year to all my visitors and a big thank you for over 4000 views in a year.

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