Saturday, 14 December 2013

Sd Kfz 182 Pz. Bef. Wg Tiger Ausf. B : Mud , pigments and oils.

Good day once again
After a blast of Tamiya clear to seal in all the paint , I proceed with pin washes of Winsor and Newton oil paints. usually use a combination of Burnt Umber and Raw Umber with a hint of Lamp Black.

 I use a peace of cardboard to suck up the linseed oil in the oil paint , this gives a more vivid pigment. I use MIG thinner exclusively due to its low oder and ease of usage.

After the application of pin washes.

                                             Color a little less stark and tone tuned down.

The "dot" wash of oil paints on all remaining surfaces is done after the pin wash is done a day or two after. I utilize a vast array of colors such as blue , red, ochre, sienna, cadmium yellow , umber, and viridian.

Since this specific AFV didn't see some snow till later in it's life,  I washed all the road wheels and tracks with a mix of dark oils and muddied up the chassis. Modulation of dark oils and pastels on the bottom of track guards were added. Chipping will be minimal due to the age of the vehicle. Next stage some cast and crew for this land battleship.

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