Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sd Kfz 182 Pz. Bef. Wg Tiger Ausf. B : Tools and Decals

Small update of added detail done over the last few days.

Griffon Models photo etch set is the ultimate set , easy to use and has weld plates for all tool holders I assemble separately from the kit , due to more detail painting can be achieved on these small details .
 After assemble I primer in a light enamel paint such as model master radome tan.

 I primer the whole tool plus the clamps and brackets.
 I add dark grain to all wood products at this stage using Vallejo paint and a ratty brush.

 After a wash of  Vallejo sepia and black shadow the wood portions are coated in future. Then the metal parts are painted in German grey and dry brushed in gunmetal. The clamps are painted the appropriate camo color then glued onto the kit.
After detail painting of tools I can add to the kit. The added detail of working brackets such as the jack and jack block clamps is the dream here, making it easy to add your tools after painting.

 More wing nuts need to be added here. The rear light is included in the kit as a small clear part , I painted it in clear blue and then added to its photo etched bracket.
 A minimum of decals was used , Archer transfers and letraset letters { G} were added to the turret , front and back of chassis. Only one small decal was utilised. I chose the command tank of SS-PZ Abt 501 , # 007.
 Periscopes were added, pre painted black with the reflective glass painted clear green over chrome silver.
All the remaining tools and tracks were added. Brackets were touched up.

 All that remains to add is the aerials and the tow cables . That will be done when weathering is complete.

 Looks factory finish , soon to change.

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