Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bridge Dio Part 1

Good day once again.

Another dio in the making , this time we have a few different elements in the making of this one. The bridge itself , embankment , river elements both groundwork and water elements.

 Items used , cigar box lid for the base , packing Styrofoam, animation acetate { 10 mm}  Weldbond PVA glue , 15 minute epoxy glue , balsa sheet , balsa and base wood  pieces, ground work filler and a somewhat clean working area.

                                            Sculpted Styrofoam glued with PVA to base.
                               Backside with balsa sheeting glued with 15 minute epoxy glue.
                                           Machined wood legs attached to bottom of base.
                                           Positioning of bridge with slight overlap of base.

   Bridge in final phase of painting. Balsa and base wood structure created sometime ago. Resent   refinement added.

                                                Alignment  and perspective positioning.
Rough draft with acetate liner .
                                                               Positioning once again.

                                                           Stained backside and base.
                                             River base covered in water tight acrylic paint.

Another perspective.

                                                Added Styrofoam relief to the river base.

 Acetate glued to sides and base with 15 minute epoxy. Balsa sheeting added to sides to sandwich acetate to base.

                                                Groundwork being added to river base.
                           Balsa sheeting taped to acetate for rigidity and to prevent damage. 
Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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