Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bridge Dio Part 3

Progressing with the Bridge diorama . All the water volume has been added. 
 This took four steps to achieve this height with 12 hours between pours in order to let each layer set and dry. The clear casting epoxy doesn't create lines between pours and is very clear and transparent.
After drying, the acetate is cut at the base and pealed off leaving a jewel like chunk of clear epoxy { tinted }. The acetate does not bond to the epoxy therefor leaving no residue. Any scratches or marks can easily painted over using Future. Complex corners or curves can be done using the acetate method. I find this method the easiest and least messy unlike other clear resins I have used in the past.

Some added elements lurking in the river. 
A couple of fish added for fun. 
Next step will be to add waves and features seen on the top of the water. Stay tuned , cheers.

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