Friday, 3 May 2013

Adding some Character To the Beast

Time for an update , man been too busy with spring. Got around to some weathering on the beast. Added some filters {oils}, chipping with acrylics , fading, and some added overall grime using some AK mud and earth effects. Lots to go , thought Id take a few shots and post.

Somewhat glossy coat still had due to the layers of Future between steps to protect what work has been done. If you screw up, easy to fix .After the multitude of layers the finish will flatten out, as mentioned these are only the first steps.


  1. Terrific stuff Cary, spent a few moments to explore your blog and must say you do some superb work

  2. Hey dude, your attention to detail is amazing. Is there a picture posted of your latest project or are you waiting until completion?