Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sd Kfz 182 Pz. Bef. Wg Tiger Ausf. B: Modulation

Modulation : what ? ,  “Color Modulation”, is a new way to execute the finish of a model via a variety of painting processes .Google the process , my favourite is
by Mike Rinaldi found on Missing Lynx. Other examples are by Mig and Adam Wilder.
 Since this specific AFV is going to have a multitude of paint on it such as camo and winter wash we keep the modulation process to a minimum to keep down the layers of paint.

We have an abundance of colors starting with the Tamya Dark Yellow XF-59, and progressively get lighter with Desert Yellow , then Buff, all with highlighted variants in between of all the base colors . As you can see they are numbered , the white is used to lighten all shades. All colors are sprayed on in varies areas to give some variation to the base color , high lighting top areas .The pre shade process is still there to give some depth, more definition will come in the wash, pin wash and mapping later.

Some tonal differences can be seen in this pic.

Try not to "over think" the process since this is just the base color.

Is the colour right? , don't get me started on this debate , make your own speculation and paint the colour YOU think works for you. No two eyes are the same , therefor everyone looks at color's differently.

I like to start with light color's for they have a tendency to darken with all the weathering processes.

Time to let it dry, next step , masking and tonal modulation of camo.



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