Monday, 20 May 2013

Sd Kfz 251/3 Ausf D Late

Another update , some pictures of the AFV Club 251/3 which was a troublesome kit from the beginning. I have built both Tamiya and the Dragon kits and yes they had issues with measurements of scale, questionable interiors, or some fit issues but this was one of the poorer fitting kits I have built over the last couple of years. To top it off the Voyager photo etch set was used that had it's fit issues as well. So to say the least this kit was turning into a bit of a nightmare. Sounds funny but airbrush problems occurred and I was tempted many time to make a halftrack a missile in my "Man Cave ". Sometimes this hobby can be somewhat frustrating , but take a breath , put it down and work on something else.
Lots of research into this kit with the interior wiring for the radios and antennas. This is a very late model with the last production tracks { dragon }, Voyager , Lion Roar, and Verlinden photo etch, Hussar resin wheels, RB turned antennas, converted front suspension using AFV and Tamiya parts to have articulating steering.

Aber photo etch was used somewhat in the radio build , with some improvement made to the existing kit pieces.

 Paint was Model Master base with acrylic details and oil fading and chipping . Most of the weathering was done with Mig pastels and some filters.

Hope you all like my troublesome 251, feel free to comment .

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